Sunday, July 6, 2008


i was inspired by shreya's post, to post myself.  we'd really like to get this blog up and running, a bit more lively with comments from all of you! 

i just thought i'd share some exciting news about my own knitting projects.  first of all, i promised myself that i can never have more than 3 unfinished projects working at the same time, where i define "finished" as having finished the knitting...since i currently have two sweaters which need to be made up and two shawls that need to be blocked...

which brings me to my SUPER exciting news.  i finished knitting on the PEACOCK SHAWL!  i'm sorry i don't have a picture, but i'll upload one as soon as i get home.  i now need to block it and it's complete!

i'm working on an argyle stocking which is really exciting.  i wanted to work on both my color work (using one color per hand and carrying ever >3 stitches) and i've always wanted to make something argyle...this is a great project for both!  i've turned the heel and now have to knit the toe.

sorry this is short; i'm on a family reunion-y vacation in burlington, vermont, so i have to get going to the chocolate factory!

best stitches and happy knitting!

ps please feel free to post comments, demanding pictures or more information or sharing how your projects are going!  we'd love love LOVE to hear from you!

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