Sunday, July 6, 2008

calling all scrap wool!

Well, since Em and Shreya both posted, I figure I should too....

So in efforts to pick up the pace of this blog, as well as get new ideas for projects....we would like to know what is everyone working on? What wool are people using? and who has the most unfinished projects? I'm gonna take a wild guess and go with Em or Shreya, but I'm sure someone can beat them :P If you read this blog and dont post a comment about something, you should feel guilty. I need project ideas! I am almost done with mine!

I am currently making a baby sundress, with the top part knitted and the bottom part a fabric skirt, it is adorable and I hope to post pictures soon! However, after using this pattern, I have come to appreciate patterns that are clear as to what you are supposed to do...isnt that the point of a pattern? I wasnt even sure whether to knit the pattern in the round or not....and only after completing it in the round did I figure out that the pattern meant knit it straight....even though it said clearly to use round needles...

I have also been making lace edged hats from projects that had leftover wool. They have come out excellent, and are super easy to make, as well as a nice change from the normal hats we have been all making for the sale. Also they don't use much wool....which is nice. Anyone who wants the pattern just let me know. (Also, anyone who isnt sure what to do with scrap yarn, just send it along, I will happily turn it into something and send it back to you or donate it to Dana Farber...)

And, in conclusion, GO FEDERER!


Joyatee said...

I'm not being lame and I'm commenting.

I just wrote up a nice post, and then my comment got deleted. Anyway, the jist of it was that I have tons of projects that I'm working on (none of which are too interesting), and I'm super excited about Debbie Bliss Pure Silk yarn. It's ridiculously expensive, but I got spoiled buying it from ebay for quite a decent price (only like $10/skein). Now I'm debating whether or not I should invest in buying it from a real store for another project ($15/skein).

And unfortunately, I witnessed Federer's loss on Sunday.

Neha said...

how much of it are you looking for? because there are tons of stores in MA that will put you on a mailing list if you are only looking for a couple skeins adn you can buy it off people who have extra for a much better price, since they will be so happy that someone is using it :)

Joyatee said...

Speaking of scraps, look at what this lady did with sock yarn scraps: