Thursday, July 10, 2008

"I like making a piece of string into something I can wear"

Hi all readers! (the number has increased to four, thanks to Joyatee for reading it :P)

Anyway, I figured I would tell everyone how I finished the "simple seed stitch" baby dress that I was working on....and I recommend that no one ever attempts to make one....this dress is made up of a knit seed stitch bodice and a fabric attached skirt, which made it seem super simple and a quick project....Actually, every time I attempt to combine sewing and knitting (cough cough, lining purses, cough cough), it ends in dissatisfaction. But if you know me, you know I will keep on sewing...cause thats what I do.
Unfortunately, the pattern for this particular dress was vague; it didnt tell you how to make the skirt or how to attach it, except to give approximate measurements and a make-do picture...

Moral of the story: simple projects are a lot more complicated than they seem...which makes me wonder....does this mean that complicated projects are simpler than they seem? I mean, knitters always say that once you know how to knit and purl you can approach any project, so my plan is to test that theory.
I am going to attempt a project that is much too difficult for my knitting level (not hard to do) and hope that since its so complicated, it has explicit instructions, rather than "heres a picture, figure it out..." On my next project, my creativity is going right out the window, and I plan on following every detail of the pattern obsessively. I will let everyone know how that goes.

Thanks for listening to my frustration with that dress, I will upload recent project pictures soon.

In conclusion, I would like to share with you the 10 principles of knitting (from Finely, a knitting party, a knitting store in PA):
10 Principles of Knitting
1. It's all about the awesome yarn choices. Simple stitches & patterns create gorgeous pieces.
2. Strive to relax and have fun. Do not strive for perfection.
3. Be clever & daring. Take a risk!
4. Every mistake can be fixed.
5. Swatch, swatch, swatch.
6. Set goals, not deadlines.
7. Never stop learning.
8. Share the legacy, teach someone to knit.
9. Put your signature on each gift.
10. Knit with love.

<3 Neha

ps. I'm still open to using everyone's scrap wool for one skein projects :)

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shreya said...

well, hmph. the dress is ADORABLE and came out soooo well. do i need to post a picture to prove it?