Friday, May 23, 2008


hi all.  shreya and i have created this blog so that we can update you on our lives and post stories about all of you and your knitting!  i have to look into it, but we might be able to post patterns here and if not, you can always email us and we'll get them to you.  i do have another blog that's just me rambling on about life (the rambling may bleed over here) and i have made it a point to never post without pictures because i know i don't like reading blogs with no pictures....

other notes about this blog: 

-the weekly emails that you all get will be posted here every saturday after they are sent out.  there will also be a link in that email to this blog every week as a reminder to check this out!

-you are welcome to post comments on anything you see here!  if you'd like to post an actual post with pictures of your work or your musings on something, just send me or shreya and email with the post content and it'll get put up.

-we will be maintaining lists of members, projects, anything we can think of if you have a good idea, let me know!

so this entry wasn't very exciting...but here is the promised picture, from our very first meeting of MITKNIT last fall.
look for more posts to come!  best stitches.