Friday, September 11, 2009

Knitting Day

Today is a knitting day, or I hope so, at least. I know that Boston is supposed to be a city where people knit a lot. Unfortunately, I have never seen anything that really proves this... until today!

I was riding the T in the morning on the way to campus. I usually have my sock knitting in hand, but I opted to read a book for the Literary Society this morning instead. Voila, the lady in front of me was knitting the Circle Socks in Knit Picks Felici (the discontinued Gelato colorway--I remember thinking-that's the ice cream colorway! but I couldn't remember the exact name) on KnitPicks circs, of course. Is it sad that I knew all of that before trying to find the circle socks link on ravelry? I wanted to pull out my socks-on-needles, but I was slightly embarrassed switching hobbies in the middle of a short T-ride. A little Asian lady sat next to her and proceeded to ask her about what she was making. Their conversation turned into which good yarn shops were around the area. According to her, they were Woolcott, Mind's Eye, Stitch House, and Wild & Wooly--the best. The Asian lady even wrote down "Wild & Wooly in Lexington" on her newspaper. I was thinking 'You forgot Windsor Buttons,' but I didn't mention it. (I have yet to go to Stitch House.)

Then, today at the foodtrucks, I was waiting in line at Clover to get my chickpea fritter sandwich. There was a girl wearing a handknit shawl. I know I've seen the pattern before, but this time the yarn and the pattern were a bit more elusive. It was similar to the style of Ishbel, but the border lace was more like Evelyn Clark's Shetland Triangle. I also wanted to say it was knit in Malabrigo lace, but I could be wrong about that, too. She had a handknit hat stuffed in her pocket, as well. I wanted to ask her what pattern her shawl was (and proceed to ask her about the hat), but she was engrossed in a conversation with her friend. I decided not to further my stigma of being the crazy yarn lady.

Thirdly, it's finally cool enough (usually a bad thing) to wear the sweaters I made this summer! They're obviously handknits, but they're warrrmmmm and cash iroha is yummmy against the skinnnn :D One of my friends asked if I knit the sweater I was wearing and I got to reply, 'yes!' Now off to spend my Friday evening..... knitting in my room & watching episodes of Lost. :D Yippee!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


.....can I propose an exception to the pact?

If I order 2 balls of knit picks essential in 2 different colors, for a specific project that I cant find the right color for :(, and I promise to finish both balls within a week of their arrival....can I get them?