Thursday, November 19, 2009


I subscribed to Interweave Knits (finally) this fall because I ALWAYS like at least 2 patterns in each issue. I figure buying a magazine with 21 patterns in it for $6, and actually using 2 of them ain't bad, so why not subscribe? It'd be even cheaper.

I LOVED the Interweave Accessories magazine they came out with recently. My subscription was for only 4/year (8/2 years actually), so the accessories issue doesn't come with it. I was alright with that because I knew the winter issue was coming up soon, and how would I possibly keep up with all of the interweave patterns I wanted to make? (I'm a loon when it comes to buying yarn, I understand. I'm saving up for when I move to some crazy place without yarn stores. I'm not as much of a loon when it comes to buying patterns [not books]. I know [kind of] realistically what I can finish.)

Unfortunately, I think Interweave has failed me. :( They released their pattern pictures online. There isn't a single garment I like! I (semi) like one thing in the entire magazine (enough to contemplate making it, and then deciding against it)--the covers for the paper lanterns. And that was only because it was a pretty lace pattern. The light shined through the lace to get a really cool effect. Maybe I will make it. Still, I'm disappointed. :(

Friday, November 13, 2009

Proposed Project for Neha

Hello from California!

I hope things are going well for everyone back in MA. I've discovered that it is not nearly cold enough here (at least yet, but it doesn't seem to get too too cold) to make my usual winter items! Friends don't REALLY need the same gear! I am working an AWESOME pair of socks (clessidra) right now. Turns out I like knitting socks.

I ran across this pattern (when I'm sure I should have been working...on lab things...on my test...) and I thought it might make a great project for I thought I'd share. Although, chances are, she's probably already seen them and made them....Mini Holiday Stockings!

I hope to get pictures up soon. What is everyone working on these days?!