Monday, July 14, 2008

Six Flags Amusement

I've finally sat down to add to this blog. Woohoo. I have much to say & add.

Yesterday (meaning Saturday), I went to Six Flags New England with MITES, the summer program I'm working with. My boyfriend, Carlos, unfortunately does not like roller coasters because of the queezy feeling he gets. I don't like super spinny rides (like the teacups) because I get nauseous. We also both forgot our bathing suits, so how did I amuse myself at the amusement park? By knitting! I knit a portion of the shrug I'm currently working on.
I'll upload personal pictures for this shrug after I finish the back or something. This is using my first ebay purchase, and boy have I gotten addicted since.

Carlos's birthday is coming up, and true to form, I'll buy/make him things I'm more interested in than he is. Carlos's passion is cooking. (Thank God because I burn Easy Mac all the time.) He usually hates movies, but last year, he agreed to go see Ratatouille with me. Though he didn't really like the movie, he did kind of like the character, Remy. So when I saw Em's post with Remy, I decided I'd make one. Luckily, I also keep lots of my scraps (maybe not the 1 inchers, though), so I had just enough black, white, and pink. I even made him a little apron, like one of the comments suggested. It probably took about an hour to crochet up and another hour to put him together. I didn't put on whiskers yet, and I'm debating about whether or not I should. Carlos saw the original and didn't like the whiskers because they were too long. We'll see... I still have a few more days.

So, my sewing skills are really poor, though I've always loved cross-stitching. When I embroidered on Remy's eyes, I accidentally made the right eye smaller than the left eye. Funnily enough, Carlos's right eye is actually a tad bit smaller than his left eye. Here's a picture of us on the one ride we went on at Six Flags (this little sky view thingie which lifts you up into the air and gently brings you back down.) He was squinting a bit, but he still has it.

I'm definitely suffering from unfinished project syndrome, but oh well. I may have to take Em's advice of having only three unfinished projects at a time. I must finish like 7 projects then to only have 3 left. I decided I wanted to have a quick in-between project. (I was working on too many sweaters.) I picked up a book on knit bag patterns (Vogue Knitting Bags Two). The knitting part was super fast and easy. The hard part is the lining. This is my first project involving lining, so that was interesting. I just need to make several more bags or such to get a hang of this lining (pain in the neck) business.

I tried making a little card pocket inside the purse, but I realized I place the card holder a little too low. Oh well. I'll try and show the finished product when I get around to actually putting it together. The diagonal pattern was wicked awesome, though.
I wanted to post some pictures of sweaters my mom made for me when I was little, but I think that calls for another post and another day when I'm more rested.
Happy Knitting! :)

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