Thursday, November 19, 2009


I subscribed to Interweave Knits (finally) this fall because I ALWAYS like at least 2 patterns in each issue. I figure buying a magazine with 21 patterns in it for $6, and actually using 2 of them ain't bad, so why not subscribe? It'd be even cheaper.

I LOVED the Interweave Accessories magazine they came out with recently. My subscription was for only 4/year (8/2 years actually), so the accessories issue doesn't come with it. I was alright with that because I knew the winter issue was coming up soon, and how would I possibly keep up with all of the interweave patterns I wanted to make? (I'm a loon when it comes to buying yarn, I understand. I'm saving up for when I move to some crazy place without yarn stores. I'm not as much of a loon when it comes to buying patterns [not books]. I know [kind of] realistically what I can finish.)

Unfortunately, I think Interweave has failed me. :( They released their pattern pictures online. There isn't a single garment I like! I (semi) like one thing in the entire magazine (enough to contemplate making it, and then deciding against it)--the covers for the paper lanterns. And that was only because it was a pretty lace pattern. The light shined through the lace to get a really cool effect. Maybe I will make it. Still, I'm disappointed. :(

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Neha said...

This is very unfortunate! I usually love interweave patterns too...! Hopefully the next one will be more promising?