Thursday, September 10, 2009


.....can I propose an exception to the pact?

If I order 2 balls of knit picks essential in 2 different colors, for a specific project that I cant find the right color for :(, and I promise to finish both balls within a week of their arrival....can I get them?



shreya said...

i think so, since it's a gift and also the size of a quarter.

i approve.

Joyatee said...

I'm slightly confused. Are you making this project & you already have 8/10 balls of yarn required for it, but just need 2 more balls of yarn? Or are you making a new project that requires 2 balls of yarn, so you're buying new yarn for it?

If it's the first, I approve. :)

If it's the second, I think (?) that's a violation of the pact. :(

Neha said...

well see.
a little bit of both...
see im making these mini harry potter sweaters, and i need the colors for slytherin and ravenclaw (the green and the blue), but I have the rest of the I need to make up the difference... :/

Joyatee said...

Okay, then. Given the circumstances, I approve, too.

Neha said...

I appreciate it :)