Monday, August 3, 2009

Warning: potential future rut

Yesterday was quite the day.

First, I decided to go back to my lace project, which I started in March....and oops....apparently last time I worked on it I messed up big time. I ended up ripping out the whole project, and stowing the yarn and pattern far far away.

Second, I blocked my prairie tunic and although I haven't seamed it up yet, I can already tell its massive. And by massive, I mean humongous. I think I should rename it "maternity dress."

Third, I got really motivated that I was down two projects, or the knitting of them at I cast on a pair of simple lace socks. In a gorgeous Araucania sugar cane yarn of the wrong weight.
One word: frogged.

So currently I am proud to say that I only have two projects on the needles, and one of them (a noro scarf) I dont intend on revisiting til the winter.

At least I have an excuse to start a new project? Or 3? Hopefully today will be a better day...

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Joyatee said...

New layout! I like the subtitle :)