Friday, July 17, 2009


According to my ravelry, I have 14 WIPs. This means that I'm honestly trying to finish these 14 projects in the near future. (Can anyone guess how long the near future is? If I bet, this would be amusing to bet on.) I'm making progress on some of them, but sometimes, it gets a little overwhelming. I start a project thinking it's the best thing in the world, and it deserves all of my attention. I do spend a fair amount of time working on it (depending on the project, that's either 20 minutes or 5 hours), but then another project comes along...

According to my ravelry, I have 10(!) projects hibernating. This means I was trying to be realistic(!) and weeding out the projects that I won't work on in the near future (again, I wonder how long the near future is). I have every intention of finishing them and showing off their beauty (to my mother), but it all depends on how soon I finish my WIPs.

According to my ravelry, I have 58 projects. Subtract the 14 WIP's, 10 hibernating projects, and 2 frogged projects--I really only have 32 completely projects. That's actually not that bad. It's been less than a year since I've joined ravelry, and clearly, I've gone nuts over knitting.

Now the goal is to do something about the other 24(/26 projects if you include the yarn from the 2 frogged projects) in the next year. Nevermind my (evergrowing) stash.

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Neha said...

woww, you are crazy! but that is amazing that you have 32 finished projects, I am so jealous! :) I think I would like to knit for a full week straight through and finish everything I have our dreams, right?