Friday, July 10, 2009


Well guys...its been a while since me (or anyone else) has posted on this thing...but I felt like I should say hello, since its officially been a year since I started knitting socks. When I completed my first pair of socks….all I could think was “Why would ANYONE in their right mind decide to knit socks???”

26 pairs of socks later….here is what I have realized....I have my own version of “you know you knit too much when ____” .... only for me, its "you know you knit too many socks when ____"

So here goes.

You know you have knit too many socks when:
- Every roommate you have ever had owns a pair of handmade socks by you.
- You have scanned through all 204 pages of sock patterns with fingering weight yarn on ravelry.
- You have about 19 balls or skeins of sock yarn in your stash.
- You start knitting a sweater with yarn designed specifically for socks.

- You have started making baby socks for unknown babies of various sizes.

- You have made more pairs of socks than you own.

I also had to steal this one from Penny’s Blog…it was too good to pass up.

“You judge your friends by whether or not they are ’sock-worthy’”

…..nuff said.

Currently, to mark the occasion, I am knitting my first pair of toe-up socks. The thoughts going through my head right now are something along the lines of “why on earth would anyone knit socks from the toe up??”

Hopefully my feelings will change…

We’ll see.

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Joyatee said...

Haha-- Every time I go into a yarn store with the intention of not buying anything, I pick up a skein of sock yarn because I know I won't need to run back to the store for more yarn for whatever project I decide to do with it. That's why I have 21 skeins of sock yarn. I've only knit 5 pairs of socks. (I was having problems going to sleep the other night, so I counted my skeins of sock yarn. I had more trouble going to sleep afterwards when I realized that I don't knit socks that much....) Promisingly, though, three pairs of socks are on the needles. (Did I mention that those were 21 skeins of untouched sock yarn?)

As for knitting socks from the toe-up--it's really practical for me because I can knit until I run out of yarn. Other than that, I don't really enjoy it as much. I'm not good at short row heels, and the after-thought heel I did once was horrendous. I agree, though--I like knitting from the cuff down. I love turning the heel & grafting the toe is so final. It's great.

Okay, dear. I will stop talking about socks online. I can probably talk about them tomorrow with you. :) Can you tell how motivated I am to do my work at the office?

:) Cheers!