Saturday, January 3, 2009

so everyone knows...

I bought some sock yarn today.

oops. I felt guilty all day.

also, I have been sitting at the computer for about an hour, thinking about how Shreya is getting way ahead on her brickwork repeats. The worst part is, I had caught up with her by the 1st...and now I am back to being wayyy behind.


I swear, I'll catch up and maybe knit some socks tomorrow.
I better get crackin....



Joyatee said...

how's that competition stacking up?

shreya said...

welll, we both finished the brickwork scarves (but I won :P) and started another scarf, with a skinny lace pattern...:) im winning on that one too :P

still, i havent done any of those socks :P

Neha said...

sorry left the last comment on shreyas account, that was really from me :)