Monday, April 27, 2009

Some like it hot

I have two roommates, who(m?) I love dearly (and I talk about all the time). One is from New York. The other is from Pakistan. I am from Louisiana. Naturally, we have different temperature differences:

New Yorker: cold but sunny
Pakistani: hot and dry (but not sunny)
Louisianian: warm and semi-humid

The weather is gorgeous outside. Our dorm turned off the heating system. Therefore, the temperature inside the room cannot make up its mind! (We are all doing our best to change the room's climate to our favorite.) During the winter months, our room is always just hot/warm.

No need to worry, though--any time I get cold, I have a perfect excuse to wrap my legs with the lace shawl-in-progress-that-is-getting-huge. Perfect study break! Hehe--life's quirks are wonderful. :)

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