Sunday, November 30, 2008

Credit where credit is due... some point during a lapse of judgment, I decided that the mittens Shreya was trying to knit (she mentioned them in her last post) really were not particularly difficult, and that she made them complicated by adding stripes unnecessarily. I also decided that since they involved less knitting than socks, they would take less time and be easier. So I decided to make a pair of my own for a friend, using a solid green sock yarn.

I got throught the ribbing and thumb shaping wondering why Shreya didnt just quickly knit up the second mitten...I mean, a couple of hours is a small price to pay for warm hands all winter. By the time I got through the thumb shaping, I was already deciding what color to make my next pair in.

Then I thought that since I have never had second sock syndrome, I won't get second mitten syndrome either.

And then I hit the fingers....and realized that knitting 14 stitches in the round is rather obnoxious, and wondering why anyone in their right mind would knit gloves.

I now give my sister all the credit in the world for not wanting to make the second mitten in that set. I just thought I would announce to everyone that I will now cut her slack when it comes to finishing certain projects. She is absolutely correct. Frozen fingers are definitely not enough motivation to make those mittens.

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