Friday, September 12, 2008

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Yesterday in my class on how to give presentations (for course 6 people who have no social skills), our professor asked us to do an impromptu 2 minute presentation on the topic of your choice. I pulled out my knitting, and here's the outline of my presentation:

The Importance of Knitting and Why You Should Knit
1. Stress-Reliever
a. The repetitive motion is soothing to the mind
b. Studies show knitting produces the same calming brainwaves whether you're a beginner or an expert
2. Isn't limited to the Stereotypes--My mother teaches montessori school to 3-6 year olds. Montessori is a program heavily based on teaching children life skills using tactile activities. Knitting is a great activity, and the little boys in her class love it! They all made little coasters for their parents last Christmas. So it's NOT an "old granny" hobby.
3. Allows you to Multi-task
a. during movies/tv
b. during lectures
c. on the subway
4. Can get only more and more complex
a. always a challenge but can always keep it simple, too
b. I brought out my knitting at this point and compared my sweater's simple stockinette stich to a cabled legwarmer--showing them the patterns and how you can use multiple needles for knitting in the round.
c. like a video game but better---there are unlimited levels of advancing in knitting.

So I think I was too enthusiastic about my presentation. See y'all Sunday!

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